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Parks and Gardens in Zeeland

The gardens and nature parks of Zeeland

A special experience awaits your visit to the gardens and nature parks of Zeeland. You will find inspiration and peace. Relaxed walks, looking round and plain enjoying. On all sides of the water the scents are colours will rhyme with your senses. Whether you’re on your own, or just the two of you, or with the whole family the Zeeuwse gardens and nature parks are well worth a visit. Some pick-your-own gardens have kids’ afternoons. They are then especially pretty – and instructive.

Pick-your-own gardens

Would you like to pick your own bouquets? Yes, you can in a Zeeuwse pick-your-own garden. What could be better? Out in the fresh air, plucking away to your heart’s desire with your creative juices flowing in the gardens. The flowering days when there are all sorts of blooms are blooming marvellous.

Just take the pick-your-own garden Hof Hazenberg in Aagtekerke. When you’re done, spead your wings on their terrace. There are other such gardens where you can do your own thing: like the La Fleur gardens on various sites and the pick-your-own garden Pluktuin Sint-Anthonijshoek in Koudekerke.

Compose your own bouquet

in a Zeeuwse pick-your-own garden

Tea gardens

Most of our gardens serve nice snacks and drinks. If you’re looking for something small-scale and the peace of a garden, go to one of our numerous tea gardens. They are often unexpected gems in their own right. Enjoy the undemanding Zeeuwse hospitality – with a scrumptious slice of tart. Freshly baked, to be sure.

Bask in the pleasures of the ambience at such tea gardens as In De Morelleput, Bij ons Tuus,  Het Kaslokaal and Op 'T hof Olmenstein. Are you visiting the island Tholen? Then you should definitely visit tea garden Het Baken van Tholen.

Enjoy Zeeuwse hospitality and treats

in the tea gardens

Sculpture gardens

Stroll endlessly around a sculpture garden, enjoying the fine statues and sculptures on exhibition. In Koudekerke, take in the magnificent private garden De Houtenhandsche Hof. In the summertime. From mid-May to end-September it hosts a sculpture exhibition. What a surprising diversity of contemporary stone sculpture, carved from cobalt, springstone, serpentine, saprolite and others.

In sculpture garden Atelier/ Beeldentuin Daniëlle Orelio in Burgh-Haamstede, you can surround yourself with exceptional statues and sculptures.

Enjoy the special statues and sculptures in

the sculpture gardens

Landscape gardens

Dunes, creeks, woods, dikes – these are the markers of diversity in the Zeeuwse landscape. Discover the various types of Zeeuwse landscape in the landscape gardens. Take, for example, the landscape garden which is part of Terra Maris. You’ll see a piece of dune landscape, the relics of a creek and part of a sea defence dike. It’s great to visit here with children too.

And for rose lovers, be sure to go to Kats. There in the Zeeuwse Oase garden you’ll find virtually all types of rose (more than 1,000) and more than 120 different clematis in their natural surroundings.

Although not typically Zeeuws, but nice to visit is the Middellandse Zeetuin Uilenbroek in Buttinge. In this special garden, you will get to know several tree and plant species from Southern Europe, which grow in the mild climate of Zeeland. The colorful tiles and palm trees will bring you into a Mediterranean atmosphere! 

Nature parks

Land and water meet in Zeeland. It’s no wonder that the largest national park of the Netherlands is here! The Nationaal Park Oosterschelde is a splendid nature reserve home to many thousand types of bird, plants and animals. A super place to visit!

Rana Natuurpark you’ll find various types of plants and animals. You can see how things once were, in their natural forms, without any adaptations. Alongside Rana Natuurpark and the Nationaal Park Oosterschelde, there are many exceptional and impressive natural areas in Zeeland.

Enjoy the bio-diversity

in Zeeuwse natural parks

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