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Group accommodation in Zeeland


Group accommodation in Zeeland

Zeeland is delightful, whether you’re here for a weekend or midweek break, or for a whole week of fun. What could be better than spending it with friends, colleagues or family? In Zeeland, there are plenty of amazing places to stay and great outings for groups!

Amazing places to stay

No matter how large or small your group, Zeeland has the accommodation to suit your exact requirements. Group accommodation varies from basic to luxury and everything in between. For example, you can choose to stay in a cosy B&B or a plush hotel. Or you might want to experience the peace and tranquillity of a cottage in the wilds of Zeeland or a holiday farm.

Zeeland is also a great place for school trips, club outings and scout groups. Accommodation is available for both children’s and adult groups.

Rental agencies

Since 1 January 2021, Heerlijkehuisjes.nl has been responsible for the rental of holiday homes once managed by the Zeeland tourist board (VVV), but there are many other rental agencies too. Check out the link for tips below.

Suitable locations for group excursions

Using your group accommodation as a base, there are countless different excursions that Zeeland has to offer for groups. In Zeeland, the water is never far away. Why not do some seal spotting on a seal safari? Or rent a boat or surfboard for a day’s sailing or paddleboarding on the Veerse Meer

There’s plenty of entertainment to be had in Zeeland’s towns and villages too. Sample some Zeeland beers in one of the local breweries. Go on a town trail accompanied by a tour guide. Challenge family and friends to an escape room experience. Or chill out at one of the many pavement cafes. Whether you’re in or out of the water, there’s never a dull moment. Check out our what to do page for more tips.

What types of group accommodation are available in Zeeland?

Curious to find out what types of group accommodation Zeeland has to offer? Check out the list below and get inspired!


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