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Group accommodation in Zeeland

Whether you’re coming with a gang of pals, or a more sedate family group, sharing a large holiday home in Zeeland can be a lot of fun. You can all go out together, or split the cooking jobs between you. The favourite times are at Easter, Whitsun, autumn, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The charms of Zeeland, though, are all year round.


Any group needs space and we cater to all needs. Specially built lodgings and luxurious group residences. Stylish B&Bs and beach hotels. A whole group’s farmhouse. Smashing eh?


Always close by, the water is there for you to appreciate. Enjoy the salty sea air. Splash around in the surf. Or just walk for ever along the coast. The sea will be laughing with you, while the wind will be messing up your hair. Oh well. Bad hair, a good day though. A group can enjoy it more: join in the games on Cadzand beach. Capture the Klimbos woods in Westerschouwen. Or stop by the Veerse Meer lake and go out with an armada of canoes and stand-up paddleboards. Or, for some extreme fun, work your way up the climbing tower on the Oosterschelde barrier, only 30 metres above water. What a lot of choice!

The better life outdoors

Groups can take it easy too, enjoying peace and quiet, the space and the better life outdoors. There’s all the space in the world for walks, bike rides and other pleasures. Stroll over winding paths through the dunes, like the Manteling at Domburg. Go – now this could be a right laugh – on wet wellies tour through the Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe. Or, hush, go deer spotting on Schouwen-Duiveland. Shouldn’t be too much trouble, all this. Best at dusk, or at sunrise – will the whole gang go for that?


The towns of Zeeland can handle gangs and groups too. Go together to a beer tasting in a local brewery. Ask a guide to take you all around town. Get the gang to take in an escape room. Or, more traditionally, sit out on a terrace, whatever the season, whatever the weather, whatever side of the water you’re on.

Group trips

Zeeland is a very reliable destination for organised trips by schools, clubs and scouting groups. Groups of children and/or adults can be accommodated at many locations. They can go playing in the dunes, do an expedition or treasure hunt in the woods, or set off with a forest ranger to spot wild animals. Not to forget the ritual of cooking bread on the campfire. Trips like this are one of life’s great experiences – everyone looks back on them for ages. Ask around. People who do Zeeland in a group tell some pretty rich tales!



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