Holiday with dog

On holiday with your dog

As you cross into Zeeland, open the car window. You’ll both get your first whiff of sea air. You both lifts your nose, your dog wags its tail too. We’re here, folks, we’ve arrived! Welcome to the world where a holiday with your dog means walks on beaches without end. At the beach joint, there’ll be a bowl of water. Try your luck, the two of you on a stand-up paddle board, learning the trendy new tradition of supping at Ouddorp, or make a splash in the pool. Or walk the long way around Kasteel Westhove. Every town in Zeeland has special off-leash areas.

Dog comes too

No need for kennels or dog-sitters: your dog comes along too. It’s ideal to stay near the coastline, then the morning walk includes some splashing in the sea. Whether your dog is with you in the tent, or in a fancy hotel, everyone is happy.


For dog lovers, almost nothing beats a walk on the beach while your best friend cavorts away with others, or chases that ball. There’s room for you all on just about every beach. Check the notice boards at access points for details of where and when.


That one thing better than a beach? It’s open nature. Their ears pricked up, nose on high alert, eyes open and intense. That’s what dogs do. Especially when off the leash, free to roam in the woods. Zeeland has loads of nature areas where dogs are welcome. In some areas, you can even let them free.

Supping: a people-dog partnership

A 21st-century pastime, supping. It’s just like it’s been made for dogs. Go together on a stand-up paddle board, and try to keep your balance. Not easy, with six feet! In Ouddorp, the friendly wacky folks at SurfKaravan give surf lessons for dogs. It’s a hoot.


On its last day of the season, the Honte open air pool in Kloosterzande lets dogs take a plunge in the pools, play on the grass. Very smart! Fido-friendly these people are. Run free, romp free, splash free, Rover!

Practicalities: Oh oh.

Your four-footed friend might snag something sharp. Maybe get a virus, or an inflamed sore. It happens. Need professional help? Here’s where to get assistance from a vet in Zeeland. Make a note of it.


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