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The canoe and kayak are rather similar – the differences are, to be frank, largely in the damp you’ll feel in one or the other. They all require you to work on your paddling – key to movement. And as you bob your way along, under your own steam, you’ll discover new vistas, corners, ideas, sights and muscles in your arms and shoulders you never knew you had. Well worth the effort, mind.

Canoe routes

One essential aid is the canoe route map. You’ll pick out the best routes, to be sure, and that constant lapping sound along the hull is good for your inner self. Try the waters of the Veerse Meer, and the decent distances between Vlissingen and Middelburg or around the Grevelingen lake. You might see why the Krabbenkreek between Tholen and Sint Philipsland is called the ‘crab creek’. Explore away up those wee islands inlets – well worth a peek. Terneuzen offers untold nature canoe trails up the Braakman or Otheense Kreek, while the ones over around Ouwerkerk will remind you why you wanted to go canoeing – yes you canoe, yes you kayak!

Canoe crawling

Canoes are great for conviviality and a group outing. Much bonding in the marshes, eh? Selecting your paddles is a ritual itself: design, ergonomics, materials, angles, length – they all count. A broad beam canoe is tad more cumbersome, but you can load more freight for your picnics ashore. We wish you the best of beginner’s luck – you’re out in the open, and who knows who’s going with you?

Kayaking at sea

Going out to sea in your kayak really raises the bar: surf is never smooth, with hidden speeds. Paddling on steroids is the way to go through those the North Sea breakers, staying dry, in parts, under the kayak covers. And using the twin-bladed paddle offers a higher return on adventurous investment.

Vorsprung durch techniek

Sea kayaking needs you to have a modicum of experience in paddling and manoeuvring – in any case, don’t try it at home! Advanced paddlers can handle those breakers, as you’ll see in the Delta area when the adrenalin is pumping away as you edge along the North Sea coast through the tides, sea breezes and winds. Somehow, you work out the balance between muscles, drag and speed. Practice makes perfect, but you can stock upon on a few paddling skills with a local kayaker.


Yes you can. Canoe or kayak, you decide. Hire your own from a local provider, or go on special group trips and clinics.


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