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Bike cafés in Zeeland

It’s a delight to go cycling in Zeeland! To add to the fun, there are so many bike-friendly cafés you can drop in at along the way. These bike cafés offer additional benefits for cyclists. In Zeeland, they come in all shapes and sizes, from grand cafés to tea shops. We’d like to tell you more about Zeeland’s bike cafés. 

Zeeland's bike cafés

In contrast to ‘normal’ cafés, bike cafés have additional facilities for those guests who arrive on two wheels. For example, a bathroom for freshening up or a water station for replenishing your stocks of water. Some places have a charging point for electric bikes. Bike cafés have a First-Aid Kit and a bicycle repair kit on hand for those who need it. If the bicycle repair kit won’t solve the problem we can send you to the nearest bike shop for repairs. Not only do bike cafés sell route maps, they have information about the region as well.

You don’t have to eat anything to use the bike café’s facilities, but you are of course welcome to do so! In short, a Zeeland bike café is perfect place to stop for a break, for some needy repairs, or as a starting point for your trip.

Recognising bike cafés in Zeeland

Bike cafés can be identified by the specially designed bike café sign outside. They are always close to a dedicated cycle route. All bike cafés are waymarked from the national cycling network. This way you can find the nearest one. Bike cafés in Zeeland also show the national quality label ‘Fietsers Welkom’ (cyclists welcome). This label is issued by the Dutch national cycle platform.

List of bike cafés in Zeeland

Below is a list of bike cafés in Zeeland. You can make a choice form all the bike cafés sorted by category, region or village and town. If you click on one of the bike cafés, you will find more information about the amenities, opening times and contact details.


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