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This (66.7 km) route runs along the remainder of Walcheren’s bunkers, not to mention two Second World War museums. Rich in variety, this route of 66.7 km takes you past the visible scars of the Second World War. The German occupying army reinforced the Walcheren coastline, from 1942 onward. The result: a defensive line of bunkers, tank moats and robust road blocks.

Around Koudekerke, there are obvious remnants of this so-called land front. All in all, there are some 80 bunkers left, dotted around Walcheren. Always wondered what was behind those huge concrete walls? Set foot in Zoutelande, at the Bunker Museum, and find out.

When Walcheren was liberated, the locals had still more to suffer. The allied air forces bombed the dikes, on purpose, in pursuit of the occupying forces. In Westkappele the trauma of this event still runs deep. The Dike & War Museum ‘Het Polderhuis’ offers a well-presented and poignant narrative of the impact of the bombing. 


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