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Endless Island

Endless Island

A bird for each season

Noord-Beveland is full of nature reserves. Up for a sandy blow-through? Head for the swish Banjaard beach on the North Sea. On the banks of the Veerse Meer are the Schotsman and Goudplaat: a happy marriage of meadows and woodland. Birds a-plenty, it’s up to you to get a gander at ‘em, anywhere on Noord-Beveland. The northern wetlands on the island have prime birdwatching spots, with feathered friends who love migrating or, for that matter, life-on-the-water. Birdwatching huts and bird screens are in place, too.

Plenty of islands in the sea

The islands in the Veerse Meer try their damnedest to fill the whole lake. Onetime sandbanks, back in the heyday sea-days, they were later raised to make happy homes for nesting birds. If you like going boating, the islands are perfect getaways – on sunny, windy days, you can hardly see the islands for the sailboats.

All things foodie

Oh, yes, you must stop for a bite, a smidgen, and a sip of something or other in one of the Noord-Beveland villages. They all have at least one café or sunny terrace for you to put your feet up, and have something cool and refreshing. Shall we put you down for a Zeeuws Emelissebeer? Kamperland once had its own brewery, the copper brewing churns are still there. Bottoms up!


Noord-Beveland prides itself on beaches of every stripe. Banjaard beach is the biggest of all, including amazing views over the North Sea and the Oosterscheldekering barrier. Prefer your beaches cosy and secluded? There are masses on the Oosterschelde, and any hub-based walk in the area will lead you past the many hidden beaches.

Personal safety

For your own personal safety, it is essential to keep a sensible distance from cattle. Do not feed them, ever. Horses in particular are bound to become very intimidating if you feed them. The footpath may be closed temporarily for maintenance or hunting. The land owner will have marked this on the route signposts, so that you can choose an alternative.

If we comply with these rules, we shall all be able keep using these private grounds in the future.