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Previously there was a large cathedral on the site of the Nieuwe Kerk. The cathedral burned down in 1832. In July 1835 - two and a half years after the fire - work began on a new church (hence the name 'Nieuwe Kerk'). Because the architect who had taken on the work went bankrupt, construction was halted for a long time. The Nieuwe Kerk was inaugurated in 1848.

At the end of the Second World War, the church was severely damaged. Repair followed, but general restoration remained unavoidable. Because of the heavy financial burden, the Reformed congregation was unable to have the work carried out. The building was closed in 1971. The Nieuwe Kerk deteriorated noticeably after windows were smashed and wind and rain were given free rein.

A solution came in 1977. The building was transferred to the Stichting Oude Zeeuwse Kerken (Old Zeeland Churches Foundation). The building was restored in phases - with financial support - in the years 1978-1988. As a fine example of 19th century ecclesiastical architecture, the Nieuwe Kerk is a special object in the monumental town of Zierikzee. The building was inaugurated on 16 April 1988.
Next to the Nieuwe Kerk is the Sint Lievensmonstertoren, also called Dikke Toren. This tower can be climbed! Take on this challenge. Look for the current climbing dates on the website of VVVZeeland.

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