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During Brouwershaven's heyday, a town hall was built on the harbour and in 1599 it was given a prestigious facade.

The town hall was built in two phases. The back of the building dates from the fifteenth century, the front part from the sixteenth century. Presumably, the rear facade was the front in the early period. The tower of yesteryear has disappeared. The actual former town hall has a total size of 4 ares and 90 centiars. It is traditionally built and covered with slates. This beautiful building has the status of a protected monument. It is also part of the protected cityscape.

In 1890 - 1891 the town hall was completely rebuilt, replacing all the sculpture. The facade was crowned with a statue representing the Mercy. On and next to the rolling layers are so-called vases, the originals of which can be found in the Zeeuws Museum in Middelburg.


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