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Burghse Schoole Museum
This museum belongs to the Stichting Westerschouwen Kultureel (SWK) (Westerschouwen Cultural Foundation).

One of the museum’s permanent exhibitions is an authentic 1920s school room.

The second, is the Carolingian room’ with photos and objects that are used to give an impression of the defensive walls that are located right behind the museum. These date from the 9th-century circular stronghold that has been partially restored and gives a great impression of what life would have been like for farmers and fishermen at the time of the Norman invasions. The scale model was beautifully restored at the beginning of 2012 by Piet Versteeg. Piet is an active member of the community in Burgh and his hobby is making miniature models of buildings right down to the most miniscule detail. He makes every detail by hand!

The third room in the museum is an unusual area which hosts temporary exhibitions. Every year, the exhibition is replaced by the next, often interspersed with (smaller) expositions by (local) artists. However, you won´t find out what the exhibition is about until you walk into the room! It´s is always kept a surprise!

The museum also has a small shop that is overflowing with (Dutch) nostalgia including traditional children’s games, writing slates, quills and ink wells, samplers, books and lots, lots more.

Nostalgia for (grand)parents and fun for children.

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Museum 'de Burghse Schoole'
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