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Watersnoodmuseum (The North Sea floods museum)

The North Sea floods Museums in Ouwerkerk is where you can learn all about the 1953 North Sea Flood and Zeeland’s battle against the tide.

After the flood, Phoenix caissons were used to seal the dikes. These are enormous concrete structures (62 x 20 x 18 wide) that sealed the largest breaches in the dike. Four of these gigantic structures were placed to seal the last breach in the dike at Ouwerkerk, serving as a memorial to the region’s and the country’s historic struggle against the sea. Linked by underground passages, these four caissons house the North Sea floods museum:

Caisson I tells the story of the flood. Showing what happened during the first few days, it reveals many personal documents, newspaper articles, photographs, film footage and radio reports from that time.

Caisson II reveals the emotions: the story of the people, how they felt, their personal experiences, including multimedia project1835 + 1.

Caisson III tells the story of the reconstruction and development of the region from 1953 to the present, as well as about the Delta Works.

Caisson IV is about the future. It shows how the Netherlands can protect itself in the future, how its people can live and what nature can do at a time when sea levels are rising, when the climate is changing and the age-old battle against flooding continues. In the public area, you’ll find the museum shop, information about the surrounding area (the former flood breach is now a beautiful nature reserve), and information about Oosterschelde National Park.

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