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The first stone in the house mentions that Lena Yacobse Heyboer laid that stone on 11 May 1790.
This Lena was born on 18 September 1785 in Sint-Maartensdijk. So she was 5 years old when she laid the first stone of the farm.
In September 1806 she married Jan Hendrikse from Sint-Annaland and moved to Oosterland. There she passed away at the age of 94 on 30-9-1879.
Lena's parents were Jacob Heijboer and Cornelia Deurloo. Apparently they had the house of the farm built in 1790. They had a second daughter, Maatje Maria Heijboer, who married Dirk Vermaas.
In the land register of 1832, Dirk Vermaas resided in Sint Maartensdijk by profession 'builder' owner of house and yard large 0.517 ha. Bouwmanslust is located in the Klaas Hoek van het Uiterst Nieuwland, section B parcel no. 43 in the municipality of Sint Maartensdijk.

In 1990 the farm was sold to the current resident Nico Vermuë.

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