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This 17th century farmhouse stands out because of its oval windows, and owes its name to the Heron family (= the French word for heron) who owned the farmhouse in the 18th century.

The first owners were Cornelis Rochusse (1605-1676) and his father. The latter was a tailor by profession, and became a wealthy man. He even changed his name to Heron, meaning heron. His son Cornelis had the hofstede built around 1680.
From 30 May 1800, farmer Jacob Jacobse Hage became the new owner of Reigersburg.
In 1844 the farm was sold to young Willem Cornelis Mary de Jonge van Ellemeet, mayor of Oostkapelle. Jacob Hage, however, remains tenant. He is then 74 years old.
More than a hundred years later, in 1947, the Hage family came into possession of the farm for the second time. The owner is Anthonie Leendert Hage, born 1923, died 2008. From 1991 Izaak Pieter Hage was born 1965 the sixth generation Hage on Reigersburg. The famous cyclists Bella, Keetie and Ciska Hage also took their first steps here at Reigersburg.

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