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From 2012 the construction of Waterdunen started, a large nature and recreation area. The nature of Waterdunen is special because it is connected to the Westerschelde. A tidal culvert in the dike at Nieuwesluis ensures that the Westerschelde water flows in and out of the area. The tidal culvert is not needed for coastal safety but is important for the nature and recreation area and consists of four tubes. There are three tubes to regulate the tide. The fourth tube takes care of the drainage of polder water via the pumping station.

This makes the area attractive for birds and recreationists. You will soon be able to sit on a terrace on the boulevard, have a bite to eat or walk through the mudflats and salt marshes and watch the birds. Cycling through the nature reserve and horseback riding are also possible in Waterdunen. These paths are being constructed.

The coast at Waterdunen has been reinforced between Breskens and Groede. A new dune has been constructed against the existing dike. A deep tidal channel lies in front of the coast. The dunes have been reinforced inland, because otherwise the sand would disappear into the sea due to the strong currents. The soil used to create the dune comes from Waterdunen. The sand was brought in from the North Sea.

The photos were obtained from http://www.waterdunen.com

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