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Westerlicht Lighthouse is located in Haamstede and is one of the largest lighthouses in the Netherlands. The tower was designed by L. Valk and built in 1837. The lighthouse was used as a source of inspiration for the former 250 guilder banknote.

Its 53 meters height (above ground level) and a light height of 58 meters above sea level make Vuurtoren Westerlicht one of the largest lighthouses in the Netherlands. The light of the tower reaches 30 nautical miles and the lantern has a luminous intensity of 5.2 million candelas.
The base of the tower is formed by approximately 2.5 metres thick walls, which become thinner and thinner towards the top. It is painted with a red and a white band that spiral upwards. This painting was only applied a century after its construction as a warning for low flying planes. The partly stone and partly iron staircase of the lighthouse has 226 steps.

Westerlicht lighthouse is no longer manned. The radar image is transmitted to the Ouddorp Coastguard post. The lighthouse is not accessible to the public.

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