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Since 2010, in the fishing village of Breskens, there is a 14-meter-high platform, which consists of cross-mounted wooden beams on which twelve enormous red penguins tacitly look out over the local marina. The artwork is made by Belgian artist William Sweetlove. The picket fence stands for constructions that sometimes can not resist nature's strength.

The Maritime Artwork has international appeal and leaves an unforgettable impression on the visitors of Breskens.

In the development of this work of art, the artist took the strong bond of Breskens with the sea as the starting point. The penguin is a wild and mystical sea animal which symbolizes an untouched and protected nature. He is intelligent, knows how to adapt to the environment and lives in harmony with nature. Red is the signal color that encourages reflection on what is going on at the moment and warns about the consequences of, for example, climate change.

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