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In Zak South Beveland, a nature rezerve manages about 80 kilometers of flower dikes. Enjoy the spring blooming of the hawthorns. And experience the summery scents and colors of the agrimony, Tuberous Pea or wild marjoram with the walking and cycling routes. Near Nisse there is a plotted trail of 4.5 kilometers. The starting point is at the parking of the "Sheepfold" Sheep Farm to the Nieuwkamerseweg. Numerous flower dikes can also be admired when biking. The Flower Dikes of South Beveland are the living history of dikes around polders and former tidal creeks. They testify to the long struggle with the water here. To reclaim the land hit by successive waves and floods, a system of dikes was created. Between the dikes there are rememberances (gully holes) of old breakthroughs. Experience this Zeelandese culture and take a 'walk through history'.

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Nieuwkamerseweg 3
4451 NE

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