Aardenburg in Zeeland-Flanders is the oldest town in the province. Many relics from Roman times have been found in the surroundings, which are now on display in the Archaeological Museum. You can also take a walk around the town’s historic walls, or discover the environs by bike. Read more about historic Aardenburg here!

Aardenburg, the oldest town in Zeeland

Aardenburg is the oldest town in the province and that’s reflected in the fabric of the place. In Aardenburg the past is all around you. The Kaaipoort (town gate) was built in an era when Aardenburg was still a flourishing trading centre. A walk through its streets will also reveal many beautiful old gables. The church of Saint Bavo dates from 959 and is the oldest structure in the town.

Aardenburg is known locally as the Kikkerstad (of ‘frog town’). Apparently, this has something to do with the green outfits that the local band once wore. There is a fountain in the town displaying four frogs which does justice to its nickname. Perhaps the oddest thing is that Aardenburg has its very own frog museum! The frog fountain can be found at Kaaiplein. Tip: Visit Aardenburg on Tuesday morning between the hours of 8 and midday when the weekly market is in full swing.

Discover historic Aardenburg and its environs.

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Museum Aardenburg

Museum Aardenburg takes you on a voyage back to Roman times. Here you can stare in wonder at objects unearthed by archaeologists and find out how Aardenburg folk lived in the past. An absolute must if you are a lover of all things historical!

Sluis MTB Route

Aardenburg is a good spot from which to start a mountain-bike tour. The Sluis MTB Route takes you through Sluis, Aardenburg and Middelburg (in Belgian Flanders). En route you will come across several old watercourses which have played their part in the age-old struggle against the sea.

Aardenburg town walls

Aardenburg’s town walls are a historic monument. They originate from the time of the Eighty Years War, also known as the Dutch Revolt. Today these walls form a protected biotope which is home to species of amphibians, including the tree frog! It’s a good place for a wander and there is a cycle trail along parts of the perimeter.

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