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Church in Burgh: always up to date!

Surrounded by pear trees, in the middle of Burgh stands the oldest Protestant church building on the island, built between 1671 and 1674. This Renaissance Cross Church is largely due to the progressive craftsman Mr. Pieter de Huybert. An eye-catcher in the church is his epitaph (funerary monument of sculpture on the wall) and the epitaph of his son John with his wife Catharina Cornelia. After fire damage in 1924 and war damage in 1945, the church has been thoroughly restored, retaining the appearance and atmosphere of the historic church.

Usually on Sundays there are two scripture readings, one from the Old Testament and the Gospel Lecture. There are special services at Easter, Ascension, Pentecost, Advent and during Christmas.
For more information about the divine services see the website. The church tower cannot be climbed.

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Burghse Ring 33
4328 LL

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