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Slot Moermond (Moermond Castle)
With its expansive driveway and lovely canal, Moermond castle dates back to the 13thcentury. The castle is situated in a 45-hectare estate and nature reserve.

The castle’s history
The estate was founded in approximately 1229 by Constatijn van Zierikzee. Its most famous residents were Jan van Renesse and Witte de Haamstede. The castle was destroyed by battles twice and rebuilt.

The castle’s last inhabitants, the Vriesendorps family, lived here during the Second World War. They restored the castle after the war, but when the structure was struck by the 1953 North Sea floods, they didn’t have enough money to restore the structure and estate again within such a short space of time. After undergoing thorough restoration in 1955, the castle and estate have been returned to their original states.

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