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Munch-a-mussel, Oosterschelde-side

Oosterschelde fishing village Yrseke has the perfect habitat for Zeeland’s finest: mussels and oysters. Let’s walk on by!
Yrseke pier has a bronze mussel man, proudly standing for rich local history. The ‘black gold’ is brought ashore here, delivered by cutters and then taken to auction nearby. Auctioned-off mussels have far to go, the world’s their oyster.
Walking on, you pass historical oyster wells, still the spot were home-grown mussels become Zeeuws delicacies. All this mollusc talk will have made your mouth water, so you’ll be aching to have a bite, or two, in one of Yrsekes’s yummy restaurants. Eet smakkelijk! (it’s a given!)