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The Philipsdam is part of the Delta Works and forms the separation between the sweet Volkerakzoom lake and the salty Oosterschelde. The approx. 7 km long dam runs from the Grevelingendam to Sint Philipsland (N257). The Krammersluizen are part of the Philipsdam.

Due to the construction of the Oosterschelde barrier the difference between low and high tide became less. But for flora, fauna and the important mussel culture this tidal effect is necessary. The Philipsdam and the Oyster Dam were constructed in order to strengthen them again.

The Krammersluizen have an innovative system for separating fresh and salt water. Agriculture benefits from the fresh water and the salt water makes mussel and oyster farming possible. Annually, around 90,000 skippers (recreational and commercial) make use of the Krammersluizen. The locks are shielded from the public, but can be viewed from the watchtower.

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Philipsdam (N257)

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