Tips to unwind in Zeeland

3 tips to unwind and relax in Zeeland

Written by: Marrit Oosterom

Busy, busy, busy. Honestly, how often do you use this word when someone asks you how you’re doing? I catch myself using it all the time. At times like that, I try to slow down. In Zeeland. Because that’s where I live. For example, during a long walk on the beach, through the woods or the dunes. Or by enjoying a sumptuous and healthy meal. A day of wellness also works wonders. You will find 3 tips on how to relax in Zeeland in this blog.

1. Relaxing in Zeeland’s nature

The nature in Zeeland is diverse and rich in contrasts. No high-rise buildings blocking the view. Enjoy the scent of the sea or of the trees in the woods. From the tops of the dunes you can look infinitely far. Relax while breathing fresh air and watching the different cloudscapes in Zeeland. Different every day, I can stare at them for hours. Here I can relax. Like being on holiday in my own hometown.

2. Enjoy fresh and local produce

I never used to think about where the products came from. Until I visited a local organic farmer in Zeeland. You can taste the passion and love for the products. To keep your body in balance, making conscious food choices is very important. The products and dishes in Zeeland are like the landscape: unique and connected to the sea. Oysters, mussels, lobster, marsh samphire and sea lavender are eaten right out of the water here. But the province also has a number of typical regional products from the land. These are different in every region. Take your time and discover Zeeland’s culinary surprises.

3. Clean body and mind

Even in Roman times, bathing and wellness treatments were already an important pastime in Zeeland. Nowadays you can still enjoy a day of wellness here. Typical Zeeland elements such as sand, sun and seawater are central elements in saunas, relaxation massages and detox treatments. Why not visit the Zoutsauna in Spa Domburg? Or how about a yoga workout on the beach? It reduces stress. You will experience serenity and pleasure.


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