Zeeland a culinary festination

Zeeland, a culinary festination

Written by: Myra Madeleine

When I first met my better half, I told him: “this is where I want to live when we’re older”. Or, let’s dream, have a pied-à-terre. He swept me home, to his very own Zeeland, and I was sold. The light, the nature, the fish fresh from the sea, seven Michelin-starred restaurants and a whole country (Belgium) just half an hour away. Bliss! I’m Myra Madeleine, blogger in dreams.  

Indelible delights, shore thing

Tell me, you probably come to Zeeland for the beach. Right? Or to walk or cycle on that glorious cusp of land and water? Or through the areas of natural beauty that are the gleaming marshlands, the mudflats and the sandbanks? Or to stroll through one of our splendidly picturesque towns and villages? Whatever. I’ll wager that the one you remember most is because of the local specialty you ate or drank, true?

Aim high, at the very least

It must have been my mother-in-law, keen that I should follow her lead. One time she took us to the Oud Sluis restaurant of Sergio Herman, and to Spetters in Breskens, say no more! Her absolute charmer – thanks, Mam! – was De Kromme Watergang in Hoofdplaat: there I got the message, full blast, about fresh fish bought daily and home-grown veg. It has to be briny, and taste of the soil of the Zeeland. Nothing, far away!

Year-round superbissimo!

It took me a while to fathom, there in the deep. It’s about seeds, under water. I’d come to Zeeland in March to learn about the unique DNA of the Oosterschelde lobster. Then I came in April for the (hanging) farmed mussels which get better nutrition just onder the surface. June saw me come for real Zeeuwse mussels and deeply briny glasswort. August, I was ready to adopt cockles, September the early oysters. Full-time, being a Zeeuwse foodie! No wonder our local chefs are driven by the seasons and the tides. Bring ‘em on!

Lucky me, lobster from the Oosterschelde

A girl of the seasons, me. From the end of March to mid July you’ll find me in Zeeland. I start on the last Thursday of the third month, I’ll be in Zierikzee, when the Oosterschelde lobster season starts. Its legendarily unique DNA conjures up such a pure, sweet taste that just to see the paper invitation pop through my letterbox has my mouth watering!

Zeeland, sweetie. You have won my heart. I’ll be back, and back, and back again – and not just to see me darling Mum-in-law!

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