Bars and cafes

Pubs and bars in Zeeland

 When it comes to hostelries, in Zeeland you are spoilt for choice. Pubs and bars of every description can be found in towns and villages throughout the province. Sample the Pride of Zealand in one of many local beers and wines, or typical Zeeland dishes. There’s plenty to savour. For sporting types, there are pubs which offer a special welcome for cyclists. In fact, in Zeeland, there’s a watering hole to suit everyone’s taste.

Special pubs and bars in Zeeland

It’s a proven fact that Zeeland is home to some of the finest hostelries in the country. De Gekroonde Suikerbiet in Zierikzee has been voted the best pub and De Werf in Veere the best pavement cafe in the Netherlands. Zeeland boasts many other unique pubs and bars too. Het Verdronken Land has a homespun atmosphere and is definitely worth a visit. Have you ever sampled real Zeeland beer? These are beers which are produced in local breweries, several of which also organise brewery tours.

Pubs for cyclists

Fancy a bite to eat or something to quench your thirst while out on the bike? No problem, there are many bike-friendly pubs in Zeeland! These hostelries provide special facilities for cyclists. For example, a bathroom for freshening up or a water station for replenishing your stocks of water. Some places have a charging point for electric bikes. Curious to know more about the best cycle routes in Zeeland? Why not check out the ‘9 best routes in Zeeland’ page?


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