If you were to go sailing along the Oosterschelde, it’s an easy trip into the harbour of Stavenisse, situated at the very top of Tholen island. Stavenisse is an utterly charming snug little village, pleasing to both quiet souls and more active aquatic types. And there are other ways to get there!
Stavenisse is first mentioned on an early 13th-century certificate, which refers to it as an island. The village came later, in the 17th century, typified by a so-called ‘main-street’ village layout along the main street: this runs directly from the harbour to the church.

The Stavenisse harbour head is the location of the former town hall, the place where hundreds of people found a safe haven during the 1953 Flood. Now, there is an information centre on the Flood, called Watersnoodhuis Stavenisse, in that very same building.

The Flood hit the village hard, 153 souls lost their lives. Just beyond the village, on the road to Sint Maartensdijk, is a monument commemorating that fateful night.

The Stavenisser mill, an 1801 corn mill, is very near to the marina. As it is the only mill in the village, it has no proper name, unlike mills in other villages which have several. The Stavenisser mill is open on Saturday afternoons, from April to October, and by appointment.

Beside the Bos, or woods, are the remnants of a castle, which was built here in the mid-1600s by commission of Hieronymus van Tuyll van Serooskerke, a local noble. After it was sold in 1753, it was demolished, though a flower and vegetable garden was laid down in the castle grounds.

The Stavenisse marina is a tidal harbour with 200 berths. The Stavenisse Sport Fishing and Water Sports Association runs the harbour and regularly organises events in and around it. Check out all the Stavenisse events on our events calendar.