Cadzand the charmer

Cadzand, the charmer

A heads-up: there are two sides to this siren, but, no worries, you’ll enjoy both. Inland, the original village awaits you, and on the wide open coast, one of the nicest spots in the entire country, Cadzand-Bad.

A call to heal

Nature is here, 360°, all around. In the inner you, through therapy and wellness: since 2014, Cadzand-Bad – in company with similarly stylish Domburg, a’yonder over the estuary on Walcheren – is the only Dutch seaside resort certified as a ‘spa for thalassotherapy’. The ‘t’ word is Greek for ‘sea’. The coveted title ‘Heilzame Zeebadplaats’ (‘healing sea resort’) is subject to strict criteria on sea water quality, climate and soil properties. Under its blessings, you’ll find a palette of vitality and wellness activities, therapy courses and arrangements.

The Wellness way

The heart and soul of wish and goal, that’s our seaside. Other dimensions than thalassotherapy all abound here too. The beach, dunes and polders, the whole landscape, will tease out your tastes, and you can join in a range of sporting, cultural and culinary events. You’ll feel your vitality brimming through the low pollen count of the coast and the strength of the sea water. Wellness – you know what we mean, right?
Yoga op het strand

Now, about those sharks’ teeth

It’s not just the views that will grab you on the wide open beach of ‘t Zwin at Nieuwvliet and Groede. Take a good look down at the sand, peer, stare, gaze, squint, do whatever it takes. Take your time, and bring a bucket and spade and sieve away – within reason, please. You might find some fossils of sharks’ teeth from many millions of years ago. We are not alone.

The PKN Mariakerk

More ebbs and flows. Almost a thousand years ago, the village of Cadzand had a timbered chapel. In the 13th century, it made way for a brick Church of Our Lady, the Onze Vrouwe kercke. Its quite sizeable tower was lost in the 17th century. Its replacement dates from 1929 and is still there today. The church has been a protestant church of some – typically Dutch - stripe or other
ever since the Reformation and part of the Protestantse Kerk van Nederland family since 2004, but folk still speak of the Church of the Virgin Mary, the Mariakerk.
Kerktoren Kruiningen

Flaming for world peace

In the church garden burns a flame, hopefully eternal. It is housed in a monument of dark stone, starkly chiselled “WORLD PEACE FLAME”. Symbolising the hope of every human to find peace, it is based on the four elements of fire, water, earth and light—in their natural purity. 

The Cadzand site (one of several worldwide) was selected because the area between Brugge, Gent and the Eiland van Cadzand for centuries suffered under the ebb and flow of the tides of war.

The Mill

Atop a wee hillock on the Zuidzandseweg stands the Nooit Gedacht windmill. Majestic in its own way, this flour mill was built in 1898 to succeed a 17th-century version. Pop in during its frequent opening hours and buy some real eco-produce.