What makes Cadzand so charming

Cadzand, made up of Cadzand-Bad and Cadzand-Dorp, is the perfect holiday destination. Here you can enjoy a luxury spa retreat, look for sharks’ teeth and visit Het Zwin nature reserve. There’s lots to do and see, but there’s time for relaxation too. Discover here what makes Cadzand so charming!

Health spa resort on the sea

Cadzand-Bad more than does justice to its accreditation as a Health Spa Resort. The accredication is awarded to resorts which are able to demonstrate the healing effects of their seawater, climate and natural resources. That means the perfect environment for a wellness break, so it’s not without reason that Cadzand-Bad is home to so many welcoming wellness and spa hotels.

Het Zwin

Close to Cadzand is Het Zwin nature reserve, an expanse of beach beyond the dunes that is in constant interaction with the sea. The seawater ebbs and flows at every tide. Thanks to the interplay between wet and dry conditions, saltwater and freshwater, and clay and sand, it harbours a rich diversity of plants and birdlife. Why not follow the hiking trail through the reserve or ask for a guided excursion?

Be aware: Due to major works here, flows of water into and out of the area can be quite powerful. Read the information on the website of Zeeuwse Landschap, on the signs in situ and take adequate safety precautions!

On the hunt for sharks’ teeth

One popular pastime in Cadzand is hunting for sharks’ teeth. Sharks’ teeth dating back several millions of years can be found on beaches here. If you’re lucky you might chance upon some. If you want to increase your chances, take a bucket, spade and sifter onto the beach with you and start looking! 

Culinary delights

In and around Het Zwin, there are many culinary highlights. It’s only logical. Restaurants take advantage of the natural resources available to them locally. Cadzand is home to many fine restaurants and one even has a Michelin star: AIRrepublic. Of course, there are many beach pavilions in Cadzand-Bad where you can enjoy a view of the North Sea with something to eat and drink.

World Peace Flame

The World Peace Flame is located in Cadzand-Dorp next to Mariakerk. This is an eternal flame which flickers in a black marble column. The World Peace Flame acts as a symbol of hope and inspiration to work towards a better world. Cadzand is one of the places that was selected for the flame, situated as it is a region - between Bruges, Ghent and Zeeland-Flanders that has seen war and bloody conflict over the centuries.


Nooitgedacht windmill

Situated on a small hillock on Zuidzandseweg is the Nooitgedacht windmill. This corn mill dates from 1898, but a mill had stood on this site two centuries earlier. This working mill is open to visitors every Sunday afternoon and in the summer on Wednesday afternoons too. The mill sells produce which has been cultivated locally and ground on site. For a visit to the mill, check out Cadzand’s windmill website.


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