Biking in West Zeeland-Flanders

Cycling country this is, with some pretty impressive rides through areas of natural beauty, past various monuments, ancient farms and delightfully pretty villages. Along the coastal bike trail, you’ll be gazing over the endless beaches one minute and then over some stunning dunes and greenery the next. Inland, the countryside is an unfolding calendar, season in, season out.

Need a charge?

Could be you’ll be needing to top up your bike’s battery. With four charging stations in West Zeeland-Flanders, you’ve got four pretexts to plug it in, put your feet up and enjoy the moment. They’re on the coastal trail at Groede and Cadzand, and in Nieuwvliet village and Retranchement.

Mountain bike

The mountains are, sorry, not our strongest point. But a mountain bike can still inject even more fun into off-trail exploring. Go XC on rough terrain, through polders and along winding creeks – making your trip as long as you want. It’ll open your eyes. Set up base camp in Nieuwvliet, wherever you’re headed. The ‘Grensstreek’ (border) MTB route starts in Sluis and runs through Cadzand, Retranchement and a sliver of Belgium.


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