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Water is what we do well, so, yes, many of our attractions are related to water. But you won’t get wet, except by choice. Like in our museums, telling you about our history, the relationship of Zeeland with water. Or in the many attractions at the coast where you’ll stay dry, and have fun. The smart way to discover Zeeland is by bike and by foot. We have designed many of our routes to connect with attractions. They’re part of the fabric of our landscape.
Deltapark Neeltje Jans
On the former Neeltje Jans building platform in the Oosterschelde, three elements of Zeeland come seamlessly together: nature, culture and the technical. The breath-taking Delta Works – you’re bang in the middle of them – multi-media displays explain your visit to one of the massive towers. For the kids, a water playground and a seal show. All around you, a natural area of long beaches, open sand and dunes.

Water Jump
Over on the Brouwersdam, another part of the Delta Works, there’s a buzzing ‘hotspot’ for all shades of water sporters, from recent converts to disciples, including the Waterjump. Sure, the name says it all, but when you see you’ll be jumping off an eight-metre high slope, hey, respect. Take it lying down, on skis, a board or a BMX. Ssssplash!.

Our history and heritage are caringly on show in our many museums, each with its own focus. The Watersnoodmuseum recounts the 1953 disaster and the endless struggle with water, to this day – and tomorrow, while MuZeeum unveils how the sea made Zeeland prosperous. The Fruitteeltmuseum is an orchard of fruit-growing facts, the Bevrijdingsmuseum a humbling ode to the 1945 liberation, and many local museums are palettes of provincial pride.

A towering climb
Are you up to it, climbing above the frothing waters at the Oosterschelde barrier? At the climbing centre there, De Pijler, you work your way up the spare 30 m high concrete tower, the one that never got used. There are several adrenalin-spiking gradients of roped routes (‘via ferrata’ to mountaineers), but the view from atop is always phenomenal.

Groede Podium
Down in the polders, we take our play parks seriously, large and small. Our nature is always part of the fun content. Like in the Groede Podium centre, located in the Groese Polders behind the West-Zeeuws-Vlaamse dunes. Go up the climbing tower to delight in the polder view, and clamber in, on and around the former Atlantikwall.

Mini Mundi
We have a saying about how bigger strides get you home faster (‘hrôôte slaegen, snel tuus’). Not always, mind. If you want to absorb the whole island of Walcheren in a day, come to the Mini Mundi scale version. From the Lange Jan abbey tower in Middelburg to cows and horses at pasture. Next to the models, your (life-size) kids can romp around in the play park.

Tropical Zoo
We’ve spoken about the diversity of Zeeland attractions. From the savagery of the sea to the soft lie of the land. We have exotica too. In the Berkenhof Tropical Zoo in Kwadendamme, the glasshouse is alive to the glory of tropical butterflies, on a summer’s day. And all year round, you’ll see reptiles and splendid birds. It’s been selected as the best Day Out place in Zeeland by the ANWB touring club several times.

Access with reduced mobility
Several properties are extremely accessible for people of reduced mobility (PRM), and they are indicated by the universal symbol. More care for a care-free day out.


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