Colijnsplaat is a characteristic village located on the Oosterschelde estuary. The village has a marina, several noteworthy restaurants and other places of interest. Every year it holds a two-day festival called the Colijnsplaatse Dagen. Below are several tips about what to see and do in Colijnsplaat.

Colijnsplaat: a characteristic village on the Oosterschelde

Colijnsplaat is on the Oosterschelde, a saltwater lagoon which forms the largest national park in the Netherlands. That means grand vistas, so a walk or cycle along the water’s edge can be quite spectacular. As too can be a cruise on its waters from the harbour of Colijnsplaat.

Colijnsplaat is a protected conservation area, which means that the village has a special cultural-historical significance. The village has several historic places of interest such as ‘Houen jongens’, a monument that commemorates Colijnsplaat being spared during the Great Flood of 1953. Other examples include the statue of Johannis de Rijke, the Nehalennia temple and two windmills.

Voorstraat in Colijnsplaat is one of the village’s best known thoroughfares. The lane is adorned on either side by old lime trees, historic houses and outdoor cafés. Voorstraat is also home to Gallery Maritime, a place where you can admire contemporary art created by maritime artists.

Out and about in Colijnsplaat

Enjoy the never-ending vistas

What to do in Colijnsplaat

Activities in Oosterschelde National Park

The Oosterschelde National Park is home to many special flora and fauna. There’s all sorts of activities you can take part in here, from hiking and cycling to bird-spotting and going on a seal safari. Both the Noord-Beveland Oost MTB route and the ‘Uniek Parelroute’ takes you along the shores of the Oosterschelde. 

Eating out in Colijnsplaat

There are several good places to eat out in Colijnsplaat. Bistro Zeelandia, for example, in Voorstraat. When it comes to quality, they offer freshly prepared dishes for a reasonable price. A little further towards the harbour is Restaurant De Schelde, which serves up some wonderful fish dishes. But there are many other good restaurants in the village too. 

Colijnsplaatse Dagen

The two-day festival, Colijnsplaatse Dagen, takes place every second weekend of August in the village. There are all sorts of events and performances, each and every one giving you a real taste of village life.

Want to know more about Colijnsplaat?

There’s a diverse selection of accommodation in Colijnsplaat. For example, at a friendly campsite or in a holiday cottage. At Camping Orisant, you can not only pitch a tent, but also rent a chalet or holiday home. Parc Ganuenta on the other hand, located on the outskirts of the village, offers exclusive holiday homes and apartments. Residence Oude Haven also provides luxury apartments with views out to the Oosterschelde!


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