Tips for better biking

Tips for better biking

Why don’t you quickly run your eye down this list of tips? You’ve probably done them already. Cyclists often agree, eh? But just to double-check. Preparations, check. planning, check, en route, check, and in the saddle, check. Have a great trip. Copy that.

Biking over outer dikes

When you go home with your tales, all 100% true, sure, here’s a great one to tell when they gather round you. “Hey, guys, we went for hours and hours right along the waterside, on the outer dikes. It’s what they do there. Dike up on one side, just you and the water on the other. And, like they keep reminding you, there’s a choice of staying lee side, or going in the wind and pumping those pedals. Those Zeeland people have even got a weathervane widget on their signs. Cool folks huh?”

Bike caf├ęs in Zeeland

Give yourself a break in a bike café. They’re biker-friendly cafés and eateries, where you can top up your bidon and batteries, use the loo and mend a puncture. No purchase necessary. But, hey, why not? They’re province-wide and signposted from the bike hub network.

Sailing on Zeeuwse Pontjes

The water is wide, and you can’t get across? You’ll never hear that here. The ferries of Zeeland – informally Zeeuwse Pontjes – are like the icing on the cake. There’s always another side to Zeeland, and they’ll get you and the bike there. You’ll find them on lots of ready-made routes. It saves hours of riding round, you can have your 15 minutes of fame as a sailor, swap a few yarns and rest those legs.

Wear a helmet

May we share a (potentially life-saving) tip with you? Please, use your head and wear a helmet. It would be a shame to no longer enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Zeeland because of an injury, wouldn’t it?

One of the best-rated cycling provinces in the Netherlands

Zeeland has been nominated by the Dutch national cycle platform as one of the best-rated cycling provinces in the Netherlands. The quality of the cycling network, its maintenance, the route information, the many bike cafés along the routes and the possibility of cycling ‘outside’ the dykes were decisive in this rating. Not surprisingly, we are extremely delighted! The Zeeland Routebureau is always enhancing the system. Just so you can get the best cycling in the Land-On-Sea.

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