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This route starts at the P area on the Hoofdpoortstraat in Zierikzee.

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Explore Zierikzee from A-Z

The town of Zierikzee is always at the top of monumental town lists. Glorious gables, town arches through the ages and drawbridges to draw you in – trace the pathways made by the steps patricians and pirates – paths are made by walking, no?
Back in the 14th century, merchant ships sailed up the Gouwe, with wondrous wealth in their wake. The patricians, rich merchants, had stately townhouses built on the Zierikzee quayside. Times were to go a-changing, however, when the harbour silted up…
There are still happily many treasures of history to be admired, with Zierikzee bestowed with an astounding 570 monuments. The Fat Tower (‘Dikke Toren’) is the tallest of all, at 62 metres. Climb to the top and drink in the astonishing view of the town!

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