Road trip around Zeeland

Useful tips for a road trip around Zeeland

With its wide vistas, bracing sea airs and picturesque towns and villages, Zeeland is the perfect destination for an enjoyable road trip with your campervan. Whether it’s for a weekend, a week or even longer, we’re happy to give you some useful tips as to how to plan the perfect road trip around Zeeland. Why not combine your favourite destinations, outdoor activities and overnight accommodation? Read more here!

1. Choose your island(s)

Zeeland has many (former) islands, which come in handy for picking your favourite stopping-off points. You can head for Walcheren and Schouwen-Duiveland, for example, which are blessed with long coastlines and lively resorts. If you prefer the hinterland, wend your way around Noord or Zuid-Beveland, with towns like Goes, the fishing port of Yerseke and their impressive orchards. 

Tholen and Zeeland-Flanders have much to offer too, from beautiful nature reserves, such as the Verdronken Land van Saefthinge to fortified towns like Hulst and Sluis. From north to south or from west to east, Zeeland has some great itineraries with some stunning scenery along the way. Whether you choose to stay inland or tack along the shoreline, there’s space and time enough for a trip of one, three of seven days. 
Discover one of the best motorhome routes in Zeeland here.

2. Combine it with your favourite outdoor activity

Many campervan owners have an active lifestyle. Hiking, cycling and even cycling are great ways to explore the countryside. But whatever your favourite outdoor activity, Zeeland will not disappoint and perhaps even make your choice of sport more difficult. Why not try mountain-biking in the Westerschouwen forest or (kite) surfing on Veerse Meer or near Brouwersdam? In fine weather, you can rent a motorboat or yacht and sail Grevelingmeer. 

For hikers and cyclists there’s plenty to see and do. Zeeland is one of the best cycling and hiking destinations in the Netherlands and the extensive cycle network enables you to explore kilometre after kilometre, enjoying the wide-open spaces, charming towns and villages and wonderful nature reserves. Interested to find out where to find the best hiking or cycle routes?

3. Find the right stopover

There are some amazing farm campsites in the middle of the countryside, situated between wildlife havens and extensive farmland, or close to the coast, where you can wake up with a brisk walk along the shoreline. 
If you’d rather be closer to town, campervan accommodation - sometimes free - can usually be found, for example along the front at Vlissingen. Zeeland has plenty of great overnight stops for campervans or larger motorhomes. Interested to find out more about overnight stops? Read more about
campsites in Zeeland.

4. Visit amazing places, towns and villages

Whether you’re in search of culinary delights or a day’s saunter around town, in Zeeland, you can find it all. What about the best places for shops? Amongst the favourites are Goes, Zierikzee and Middelburg. All three are historic port towns which date from the heydays of the Dutch East India Company, each with their own picturesque streets, monuments, offbeat stores, museums and studios. Other places with impressive historic centres include Veere, Hulst and Groede. 

Want to find out more about Zeeland’s rich past? Visit
Neeltje Jans in Vrouwenpolder, the Watersnoodmuseum (flood museum) in Ouwerkerk, the Zeeuws Museum in Middelburg or pick out one of the other great museums in Zeeland

5. Eat and drink till you drop

When you’re in Zeeland, there’s no getting away from it. The locals have an epicurean streak and like to eat their food fresh from the land or sea. If you want to get a piece of the action too, no problem! Many restaurants use fresh ingredients and serve seasonal dishes. And did you know that each of the islands has its own great local products and dishes? These vary from Oosterschelde lobster to oysters, bolussen and Zeeland liqueurs.

The locals’ passion for good, wholesome food is evident throughout the province. Take the fishing ports of Yerseke, Bruinisse and Breskens, for example, with their fresh oysters and mussels. Or the vineyards of Kleine Schorre near Dreischor. The harbour fronts and town squares of ports like Zierikzee, Middelburg, Breskens and Goes are bristling with restaurants, bars, bistros and coffee shops.

And the countryside abounds in orchards and market gardens whose rich clay soils produce the very best fruit and vegetables. Tip! Stop at one of the farm shops en route and buy some fruit or fresh eggs for breakfast!

6. Take selfies at the best viewpoints

Driving around, you’ll be amazed by all the stunning views in Zeeland. For example, when you pass over one of so-called delta works in Zeeland: the Philips Dam, the Oosterschelde flood defences or the Zeeland Bridge. Pull over at one of the lay-bys and take in the fantastic views.

You can discover many other great viewing points in Zeeland on foot. Take the lookout point at Zoutelande, for example. An then there’s the Plompe Toren at Burgh-Haamstede. And why not try scaling the Netherlands’ second highest dune in Groot-Valkenisse? The view from the top will more than make up for your weary legs on the way up!

7. Useful addresses while you’re on the road

In addition to the many campsite and campervan parks, there are several campervan service points in the province. Maybe you’ve had a breakdown or need gear from a camping shop. Mechielsen camping centre has two branches in Zeeland at Vlissingen and Noordwelle. In Serooskerke is Clarijs Campingshop & Zeilmakerij. 

But throughout the province there are many camping stores who will be delighted to help you. Ask at your campsite for more information.

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