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Autumn hikes in Zeeland

Written by: Zeeland.com

The rustle of leaves underfoot, the dew on the grass each morning and the myriad of creatures which abound here. During autumn things may be a lot quieter than in high summer, but you can still enjoy the warm afternoon sun. Perfect for a day out in the country! We can give you tips on all the best walks. So, time to pull on those hiking boots!

A stroll in the woods and dunes

From the artists’ village of Domburg and the wide vistas from the dunes to the nature reserve of the Manteling and the Terra Maris museum, this is one autumn walk you won’t want to miss! This wooded area of two hundred-year-old oaks is bursting with colour in the autumn. Did you hear something rustling in the undergrowth or a bugling sound? It could well be a deer! The chance of spotting one of these between mid-September and early October (the rutting season) is much bigger. At the Terra Maris museum you can read all about the natural history of Zeeland.

Glasswort and birds in De Prunje

Ever heard of glasswort? During the autumn, this salt-meadow plant comes into colour. In September and October, glasswort turns a reddish-purple. One of the best places to see this wildlife wonder is in De Prunje, a marshland nature reserve on the south coast of Schouwen-Duiveland. It’s also a Mecca for birdspotters. From the viewing tower at Zuidkaap you can enjoy a magnificent panorama. Highly recommended!

Boswachterij Westerschouwen

This is an undulating dunescape with sandhills, hollows and dunefields with the largest forest in Zeeland: Boswachterij Westerschouwen is an impressive forest that should not be missed at autumn time. The autumnal yellows, oranges and reds are more or less omnipresent, just like the birds and the deer. As well as the whisper of the trees, you can also hear the swish of waves in the background: after all, the beach is only a stone’s throw away. The Dutch forestry commission (Staatsbosbeheer) has set out a number of hiking trails here. There’s even a special family trail!


In the autumn, another popular destination for walkers is Waterwinbossen, a patchwork of forested areas along the Dutch-Belgian border in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. This area includes the woods of Clinge, Sint Jansteen and the Wildelanden. The area is used for the extraction of drinking water, for nature conservation and for recreation. Because these areas occupy lime-deficient soils (instead of marine clay), the flora is quite unique for Zeeland. This, in combination with the myriad of colours, makes it ideal for autumn walking. Discover some trail maps of Waterwinbossen.

Land and water at Nieuwvliet

The Land en water bij Nieuwvliet trail takes you though an fascinating landscape of sunken polders, beaches, dunes and thickets. Now that temperatures have dipped and the summer hoards have left, walking along this part of the coast can be exhilarating at this time of year. On the beach at Nieuwvliet, keep your eyes peeled. Sharks’ teeth can regularly be found here The Verdronken Zwarte Polder is also worth a mention. The trail here takes you through a habitat for many bird and plant species.

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