Eating fish in Zeeland

Eating fish in Zeeland

Eating Oosterschelde lobsters with your hands, tipping the shell while you slurp down a ‘creuse’ Japanese oyster, manually working your way through a steaming pan of mussels, some fried plaice, a crisp shrimp croquette, deep fried fish chunks in batter (kibbeling), fresh sushi … while holding a good glass of wine. And the best place to enjoy all this freshness is at the waterside. Which means Zeeland, because here you can taste the sea.

Our shellfish are bountiful. Lobster, cockles, mussels and oysters for a start. As delicious as the best fish from the Oosterschelde and the North Sea. Sole, plaice, turbot, dab, cod and sea bass. And many more. Equally varied are the ways of preparing them all. Steamed, smoked, fried, poached. As hors d’oeuvre and as main course. Even the liquor from the cooking is superb, changing every day Good for a sturdy fish soup. Or how about a bowl of mussel soup?
Fish and wine are a perfect combination and our sommeliers travel the world over to select the best wines, to define the brine in our cooking. The village of Philippine chooses a Wine of the Year for all its restaurants. Some excellent wines come from the proximity of Zeeland. The vineyard Wijnhoeve De Kleine Schorre in Dreischor has varieties of Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and Auxerrois are an excellent accompaniment for mussels, oysters, flatfish, glasswort and sea aster. If you prefer beer, as well as Zeeland mussel beer, try one of the many local beers, which go perfectly with fish and shellfish. Brews with a tangy fresh taste go well with mussels, such as the whites of Emelisse Witbier and Zeeuwse Witte.
The best fish restaurant in the Netherlands is De Kromme Watergang in Slijkplaat. But excellent cooks everywhere are preparing the best fish. Some use purified Oosterschelde water. Tasty, but it has less salt. Take a look at a fish shop or stall. You’ll see just how many different varieties there are. Or inspect the fish quay in Stellendam or Colijnsplaat, where the fishermen land their catches of fish and shrimps. Probably the freshest supply you’ve ever seen.

Fish restaurants are to be enjoyed all over Zeeland, whether in the harbour, on the waterside or in a bustling market. In marinas too, and on the beach. Fish is everywhere. It is a healthy food, but above all truly lekker, in all sorts and sizes To enjoy fish without sitting at a dining table, try kibbeling. Or a fresh bread roll with Hollandse Nieuwe herring, prepared on the spot by the fishmonger.