Westkapelle - in dialect, Wasschappel - is situated behind a huge sea wall at the westernmost point of Zeeland. The village is renowned for its lighthouse, its 5-kilometre long Westkappelse Zeedijk (sea defences) and its culinary highlights. Read more about what to do in Westkapelle here.

Westkapelle, the village behind the sea wall

Westkapelle has had a turbulent past. The first sea defences were constructed in the 15th century. Down the centuries, these were raised and strengthened. These sea defences however, were bombed by the British planes in the Second World War with the aim of beating back the German occupying forces. This period is commemorated at various locations in Westkapelle. Want to find out more? If so, visit the Polderhuis museum and immerse yourself in Westkapelle’s past.

No matter which way you approach Westkapelle, you’ll always see the village’s most abiding landmarks, its lighthouses: the best of their kind in Zeeland. Climb to the top of these lighthouses to get the very best views of Westkapelle and the surroundings.


what to do in Westkapelle

What to do in Westkapelle

The best spots to surf

The best surfing and kite-surfing conditions in the Netherlands can be found between Westkapelle and Domburg. Due to their favourable location, the waves here tend to be bigger than along the rest of the Dutch coast. A great spot, for example, is at the end of Panoramaweg. You can park your car close by, so you don’t have to carry all your equipment too far. Warning: this surfing spot is not for beginners! If you’ve not long taken up the sport, we would recommend spots where the waves are not quite so high. Check out the wind conditions in Westkapelle here.

Eating out in Westkapelle

Foodies can indulge themselves to the full in Westkapelle. Countless cafés and restaurants can be found here and local ingredients (from the land or the sea) are widely used on their menus. Brasserie De Zeezot and RIXX serve up some of the most delectable fish and meat dishes. The best pizzas come out of a traditional brick oven in La Piazzetta and the best French fries can be bought at Melis, at the foot of the sea wall!

Why not take drinks at one of the beach pavilions? Strandbar Bombaai, Strandpaviljoen Bluv, Strandpaviljoen Scheldzicht and Dijkpaviljoen De Westkaap all have fantastic views looking out to sea.


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