Zoutelande is one of the most popular destinations on the Zeeland coast. Along with Dishoek and Westkapelle, this part of the coast is often referred to as the Zeeland Riviera because of its many hours of sunshine. BLØF, a well-known Dutch band, once wrote a song about it, it’s famous for its Kustmarathon, and it also has one of the highest dunes in the Netherlands.

The most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands

Looking for some sun? Then look no further than Zoutelande. With its south-facing beach, Zoutelande has the most hours of sunshine in the whole of the Netherlands. This, in combination with its towering dunes and the charm of the village, makes it an attractive destination. There are many spots in Zoutelande where you can bask in the sun: on the sands, in one of its many beach pavilions, or at one of the pleasant pavement cafes in the village. Curious to find out more about Zoutelande’s appeal?

What to do in Zoutelande

One of the highest dunes in the Netherlands

Due to the height of its dunes (30 to 45 metres) and the rising currents of air, this is a perfect spot for paragliding. At beach access no. 10 (Vossehol), there is an official paragliding site (as long as you have a B2 EASA license). On busy days this provides quite a magnificent sight when you enter Zoutelande!

Would you rather keep your feet on the ground? Hikers can indulge their desires by taking a walk through the lofty dunes. The path along the dunes affords magnificent views across Walcheren and the estuary of the Westerschelde. Along the way you will come across old tank traps and several bunkers from the Second World War. Fancy taking a look inside these concrete vaults? Why not visit the Bunker Museum?

Kustmarathon Zeeland and other events

The Kustmarathon Zeeland is the toughest marathon in the Netherlands. The race, which takes place in the first weekend of October, includes sections through the dunes and across the sands. The Kustmarathon is now a household name amongst marathon runners, but on the same weekend, other events are organised too. For example, the LadiesRun, Light Kustrun (coast run), MTB Toertocht (mountain-bike tour) and Wandelmarathon (walking marathon). During the summer there is a tourist market in the centre of Zoutelande. If you’d like to be kept informed about these and other events, check out our events calendar.

Beach pavilion tour

If the weather works against you, an ideal alternative is to do a tour of beach pavilions on foot. Zoutelande is the perfect place to start or end your tour. If you set off from here, you can start with an appetizer at the Zeeuwse Riviera and work your way from pavilion to pavilion in the direction of Westkapelle. If you get there without having worked off your appetite and energy, continue on towards Domburg. There are plenty of places along the way where you can enjoy a refreshing drink and a delicious snack. If you’re with a larger group, you should book ahead so that the beach pavilions in question know they can expect you.

Visit sunny Zoutelande

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Want to know more about Zoutelande?

There’s more than enough to do and see in Zoutelande, so why not consider a stopover? Still not sure about what to do? Don’t worry, we’ve put together a handy list of things that make Zoutelande so special.


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