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8 attraction tips in Zeeland

8 top attractions in Zeeland

The best attractions in Zeeland can be found along its shorelines and often have a water-related theme. But there are also some stunning attractions inland too. A miniature park or a mini-jungle is a feast for the eyes. There is something to suit everyone’s taste on each of the islands and in every season. Below are best 8 attractions we have picked out in Zeeland!

1. Deltapark Neeltje Jans

Vrouwenpolder, Walcheren

Slap bang at sea, the Deltapark Neeltje Jans, former work island of the Delta Works, presents nature, culture and technology for your appreciation. It explains the 1953 flood disaster and the Works. Visit the underwater world of the Oosterschelde in Aquapolis. Feed the seals, and watch them watch you as they caper through some silly antics.

2. Groede Podium

Groede, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

The coastal village of Groede was part of the Atlantikwall project in the 1940s, a defensive line of forts and bunkers. The construction workers lived in the ‘bunkerdorp’ village. That grim stage in the theatre of war has now been turned into park by the name of ‘Groede Podium’. Today there are fun and games on the playgrounds and climbing frames, lookout tower and children’s farm. The bunkers stay silent about their past, happier sounds have washed over them now.

3. Mini Mundi

Middelburg, Walcheren

Scale down and do Walcheren in a day. The Mini Mundi park has a model of the whole island. Many well-known monuments have been painstakingly reproduced on a scale of 1 to 20, like Middelburg town hall and the nearby Lange Jan tower. Take in the Mini Mundi Express train, or let out some ferocious shrieks on the rollercoaster. Clamber about on the indoor climbing tower and volcano. The tiny tots can romp around with big blocks or in the ball pit.

4. Berkenhof's Tropical Zoo

Kwadendamme, Zuid-Beveland

Over in Kwadendamme in Zuid-Beveland, you’ll find a real jungle! Berkenhof’s Tropical Zoo has masses of exotic plants and animals, living or long gone. Get close to the dinosaurs and listen. The kids’ part of the jungle is real cool: they’ll soon be clambering around, and probably getting wet. If you’re happy to try, the real snakes will gently wind around your neck. Did you know that Berkenhof Tropical Zoo was voted the ‘Best day out in Zeeland 2022’ by members of the Dutch automobile club? With that epithet, we think it must be amongst the best places to visit in Zeeland!
Tropical Zoo

5. MuZEEum

Vlissingen, Walcheren

At the MuZEEumZeeland's complete maritime past passes before your eyes. Have you always been curious about the naval hero Michiel de Ruyter, shipwrecks, pirates, privateers and fishing? Then be sure to visit the muZEEum in Vlissingen. The only museum in Zeeland with the 'Kidsproof 2024' quality mark. Children are taken along this history in a playful manner. Discover the stories through a treasure hunt with various games and assignments!

6. Portaal van Vlaanderen

Terneuzen, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

In Terneuzen is the aptly named Portaal van Vlaanderen information centre. Take a guided tour to learn about the sluice complex , the ships using it, the harbour and companies in the Kanaalzone on shore. Look ahead too, to 2022, when the large new complex, the Nieuwe Sluis, is to open for business.
Portaal van Vlaanderen bij de sluizen in Terneuzen

7. Stoomtrein Goes-Borsele

Goes-Borsele, Zuid-Beveland

The Goes-Borsele steam preservation line takes you from Goes to Hoedekenskerke. Experience a train journey from a forgotten age! The train itself is a mobile museum. On the way, cast your gaze across the sweeping landscapes or stop off en route to visit the Zwaakse Weel or Berkenhof Tropical Zoo

8. Museum on the flood disaster

Ouwerkerk, Schouwen-Duiveland

The people of Zeeland have lived for centuries below sea level. They have seen on several occasions how floods have seized back chunks, some large, of their land. The 1953 flood disaster was the fiercest of these confrontations of people and sea. Then, a great many people lost their lives, their land and their livestock. That tragic time when Zeeland was flooded is respectfully recounted in the Watersnoodmuseum, alongside details of our ongoing struggle against the water.