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Zeeuwse bossen

Forests in Zeeland

From the Westerschouwen Boswachterij in Schouwen-Duiveland to the Clingse Bossen in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. There are beautiful forests throughout Zeeland where you can relax and enjoy nature at its very best. Want to unwind? Then this is the place for you. With walking trails aplenty - long or short - there’s always a surprise in store. Mountain-bikers too, are mad about our forests. Don’t forget your camera either, you might regret it later! Read about where you can find the most beautiful forests in Zeeland.


Boswachterij Westerschouwen

The Boswachterij Westerschouwen is the largest expanse of woodland in Zeeland. It is set in an undulating dunescape with sand hills, hollows and dunefields. The forest is teeming with birdlife and has a rich diversity of trees and plants. Enjoy the scenery by bike whilst following the impressive and challenging mountain-bike trail. There’s great fun for children too: the forest has its very own gnome hunt! With their rucksacks and pointed hats donned and their list of tasks in hand, there’s never a dull moment for your kids.

Gadra Forest

The Gadra Forest is part of the Vroongronden area located between Renesse and Burgh-Heemstede. This is a relatively small but charming woodland which is home to countless numbers of oaks. This woodland is often called the ‘mushroom woods’ because of the large numbers which grow here in autumn. There’s always a nice walk to be found here in the woods.



If you’re Zuid-Beveland, then don’t miss out on Poelbos. This is a multifunctional woodland with hiking trails, amphibian ponds and play areas. A miscellany of bird species can also be found here.

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Located in the coastal area between Oostkapelle and Vrouwenpolder is a beautiful woodland area known as Oranjezon. There’s a good chance of spotting roe deer, fallow deer and wild Konik ponies here, so have your camera at the ready!

De Manteling

De Manteling is located just behind the dunes in Oostkapelle. Virtually nowhere else in Europe can deciduous trees be found growing so close to the shoreline. Tramp the best of its winding paths and discover three attractive country estates in the vicinity: Westhove, Berkenbosch and Duinbeek. The nature reserve is also home to Terra Maris, the museum which tells the story of Zeeland’s landscape and scenery. The museum organises numerous activities the whole year round. Fun with or without kids!


Clingse Bossen

Trees in the Clingse Bossen in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen do not grow on marine clay, but instead on lime-deficient sand deposits. That produces flora which is unique in Zeeland. Gnomes point the way to an adventure playground for kids. Photo hides can also be booked here, so you can capture the activity of bird species and woodland fauna that live here through your lens.

Forests in Zeeland

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