Guest houses

Guest houses in Zeeland

When you stay in a guest house in Zeeland you can do as you please. That’s what holidays do. Your hospitable host will be happy to welcome you. A guest house is an excellent base for bikers and walkers. Nature lovers and culture devotees stay in a guest house. Sun worshippers, beach goers, water sport fans too. Swimmers, surfers, sailors, divers, fishers … Everyone!

Something personal

A country of contrasts, Zeeland has something for everyone. Your overnight stay is part of the palette. Guest houses are friendly, personal places. Down to earth, yes, that’s Zeeland. Sheer uncomplicatedness. The owner will always help you find your way. To the best spots on the beach. The most scrumptious Oosterschelde lobster. Mussels cooked the traditional way. The owner knows what they’re talking about. Zeeland. And they’re pleased to share it with you.

On your wheels, on your feet

Bring your bike, or hire one. See from the saddle why Zeeland is the most popular cycling province. The landscapes, the culture, the rich past. You prefer your walking shoes? We have the right size of paths for you. Along the coast, and it’s a long one. Farmland. Village squares. Busy fish harbours. That’s our Zeeland. Yours too.

Out and about

A guest house stay is much like a B&B: both are ideal if you’re out and about all day long. And, knowing you, knowing Zeeland, you will be. There’s so much to do. D’r is zovee te doen. Start the day with a good breakfast, all laid out for you. Dinner you’ll arrange yourself, with an embarrassment of choice. Superb restaurants abound, from a Michelin-starred one to a brasserie, and everything in between. Want to spoil yourself? Pay at least one visit to a mussel or fish restaurant. Ubiquitous and luscious. Or be laid back and dine at a beach pavilion. Finger food outdoors? The fish stall serves simple excellence. Fresh daily helpings of our legendary fried battered fish, either in chunks (‘kibbeling’) or whole pieces (‘lekkerbekjes’). Gorgeous! Especially right next to the water.

All seasons

A guest house stay in Zeeland is a must, in any season. Soak up the summer sun, available in record-breaking portions. Discover the historical towns. Amble your way around Middelburg, Zierikzee or Sluis. A walking, living, breathing history lesson every step of the way. That’s Zeeland too.


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