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Fishing in Zeeland

Fishing in Zeeland

Many fishing enthusiasts come to Zeeland to practice their sport. Why? Because for recreational and competitive enthusiasts alike, Zeeland is the best place to go fishing! This includes fishing along the North Sea coast and the saltwater inlets, as well as freshwater locations in wildlife reserves. Read all about fishing in Zeeland here.

The best places to go fishing in Zeeland

If you plan to go fishing in Zeeland, you’ll be looking for the best locations, of course. Why not cast your bait into the surf in the North Sea, the Oosterschelde or the Westerschelde? Beach fishing is the most accessible and popular way to fish in saltwater locations. Well-known beaches for this type of fishing can be found at Domburg and Zoutelande. Neither should you miss out on Westkapelle’s sea wall: yet another great tip for sea fishing.

Ideal locations can also be found in the saltwater and freshwater inlets. Other good fishing spots in Zeeland include Breedsendijk in Yerseke, Strekdam Cauwers Inlaag near Zierikzee and the landing stage at Kamperland. In these waters you will normally require a fishing licence (i.e. the VISpas).

Fishing in Zeeland? Ordering the VISpas

Bear in mind you need a fishing licence if you want to go fishing in Zeeland. You won’t need this everywhere. However, you will need the VISpas for many of the inland freshwater sites and on the canals, such as the Gent-Terneuzen Canal and the Walcheren Canal. In addition to these freshwater locations, you will also need the licence at several saltwater locations, such as at Veerse Meer and Grevelingenmeer.

In addition, the VISpas can be used for worm fishing at designated spots on the Oosterschelde and Westerschelde. Order your VISpas here!

Are you planning to go fishing in Zeeland’s coastal waters? If that’s the case, you won’t need a licence. Just do your own thing. Be aware that you are only allowed to fish with a maximum of two rods (with a maximum of three hooks). A small section of the beaches in Walcheren are specifically set aside for fishing. For example, the beaches to the north and south of Domburg. In these zones there are no restrictions on the number of rods and hooks you can use. These are popular spots with competitive anglers.

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