Sustainable activities in Zeeland

5 tips for fun and sustainable activities in Zeeland

Fun and sustainable activities are not hard to find in Zeeland. Here we list five fun activities that will minimise your carbon footprint and allow you to enjoy Zeeland in a sustainable way: from hunting for hidden gems in second-hand shops, to visiting the number one museum for nature and landscape. Read on!

This article has been written in collaboration with The Green Tourist. We believe that sustainable living and travel can be successfully combined.

1. Second-hand shops in Zeeland

Hunting for bargains in second-hand shops can lead to you unearthing some priceless hidden gems. Second-hand shopping is sustainable and – not only that - there’s a good chance you’ll find something out of the ordinary! Browsing in a second-hand shop is an experience in itself. Take Benko, for example, in Sint Jansteen - definitely worth making a detour for! This second-hand shop is housed in an old flax mill and is full of all kinds of fascinating antique eye-catchers. Click here to find more great second-hand shops in Zeeland.

2. Savour the taste of Zeeland in sustainable restaurants

Are you familiar with the taste of Zeeland? In Zeeland we have a preference for using local ingredients. After all, they are all around us. Using local produce eliminates a need for transport, reducing carbon emissions significantly in what is a real win-win situation! When you order in one of our Zeeland restaurants, just ask for the local dishes they have on offer. Like no other, Zeeland’s chefs know how to prepare fresh local delicacies. 

Why not pay a visit to the Netherlands’ first ever sustainable fish restaurant,
De Heerenkeet? Or Restaurant Morille, where they pick fresh local ingredients every day from their very own kitchen garden! Looking for something a bit more je-ne-sais-quoi? If so, we’d recommend taking a closer look at some of Zeeland’s Michelin-star restaurants. Curious to know why Zeeland is such an epicurean’s delight? We’re happy to tell you more.

3. Birdwatching in the Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a bird buff? If so, a visit to the Verdronken Land van Saefthinge, in Zeeland-Flanders will not leave you disappointed. Off-the-beaten-track to most tourists, we’re more than happy to sing its praises. With its marshland vegetation and reed beds, combined with sandy soils, gullies and leafy glades, the Verdronken Land van Saefthinge is perhaps one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the whole of the Netherlands.

Tip! Plan your visit to this wildlife reserve in the spring. The salt marshes and mudflats create a wildlife haven for countless numbers of bird species, making it a true Mecca for birdwatchers. For more information consult the Het Zeeuws Landschap website (Dutch only).

4. Visit museum Terra Maris

Terra Maris is the child-friendly museum for nature and landscape in Zeeland. Here you can learn about Zeeland’s natural beauty in a fun and interactive way. For example, by means of a VR experience, as well as via a number of challenging assignments which are signposted across the site. 

A great deal of attention is focused on biodiversity and, combined with the educational manner in which information is presented, this will become apparent in its beautifully laid-out gardens. The gardens provide a diversity of landscape features, from dunescapes to woodland. One thing’s for sure, a visit to Terra Maris is one sustainable excursion you won’t quickly forget.

5. Happen & Trappen: a culinary cycling safari through Zeeland

Happen & Trappen is a combination of exercise and gastronomy, cycling from restaurant to restaurant. At each stop along the way, you will be presented with a different dish. It starts with coffee and cake, followed along the way by a starter, soup, main course and a dessert.

There are seven of these ‘culinary cycling safaris’ in Zeeland, meaning you can enjoy great countryside and delicious food the whole day long. If you’d like to get a complete picture of the province, we recommend routes 110, 119 and 236.

So what’s to stop you
planning your sustainable holiday in Zeeland right now? Just pack your bags and come and discover the charms of our beautiful province! When can we look forward to seeing you in Zeeland?

Thinking of visiting Zeeland?

Then do it sustainably!