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Autumn in Zeeland

Autumn is a magical time of year in Zeeland. Sometimes, it’s possible to bask in the warmth of an Indian summer. On other days you can battle your way along the beach in a gale. The leaves are gradually turning into warmer tints. The restaurants and beach pavilions are cosying themselves up for the shorter days. And cultural happenings are getting ever more inviting. Why not come and discover Zeeland in autumn?

Autumn colours in Zeeland

In addition to 600 kilometres of coastline, Zeeland has some magnificent forests. Take De Manteling nature reserve close to Kasteel Westhove, for example. A fantastic woodland full of ancient trees. Or the Gadra woods in Renesse, not without reason referred to as the ‘mushroom woods’.

Likewise the largest wooded region in Zeeland, the Westerschouwen forest, where you can see a mix of multicoloured trees and dunescapes. If you’re lucky you might spot some deer.

Cultural diversions in Zeeland’s towns

On autumnal days, we are more inclined to indoor activities. Such as a visit to one of Zeeland’s towns or cities. Explore the multitude of shops or wander into an outstanding museum. But the evenings too, are a time to explore. Perhaps a visit to the cinema or theatre. In addition, there are plenty of pop venues where you can enjoy top live performances.

Culinary delights

Zeeland’s bars and restaurants have a welcoming feel. Whether it’s to warm up with a cup of coffee, enjoy a craft beer or to wine and dine with a lavish meal. Zeeland’s cooks like to use local, wholesome, down-to-earth ingredients. At autumn time too, you can also enjoy exquisitely prepared game, such as venison, rabbit and pheasant. Fish lovers won’t go away disappointed either. Come and discover the culinary delights at one of the starred restaurants in Zeeland!

Autumnal activities

in Zeeland

Health & wellness in Zeeland

After a long afternoon in all wind and weather, it’s nice to relax and cosy up. Perhaps a visit to one of Zeeland’s saunas or spas is your thing. Whether you prefer a traditional sauna, a steam bath or a relaxing massage, a spa treatment is bound to restore your inner harmony.

Autumn break with the kids

If it’s a full programme of activities, energising autumn walks and quality time with the family you’re after, then look no further than Zeeland. Perhaps a walk through one of Zeeland’s forests. Blowing the cobwebs away on the beach. Or maybe one of the many indoor activities on offer.

There’s so much to choose from. From adventure parks to glow-in-the-dark crazy golf. From escape rooms to tropical swimming pools. An autumn break in Zeeland is a celebration! Read our tips for all the best kids’ outings this autumn.

Your autumn break in Zeeland

There’s something warm and snug about holidays in autumn. It may well be wild, but a country walk can be so invigorating. Followed by an evening at the fireside. Or perhaps an enthralling board game.

Happily, there is countless accommodation in Zeeland where you can stay warm and comfortable in autumn. Perhaps an authentic B&B or maybe a luxury hotel. Or enjoy a week with the whole family in a stylish holiday cottage. Whatever you decide, Zeeland offers you a warm welcome.

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