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Wandelnetwerken in Zeeland

Walking networks in Zeeland

Thanks to our network of hiking trails in Zeeland, it’s so easy to plan your routes. Each district or island has its very own special charm. The places where trails and paths intersect are called nodes (knooppunten in Dutch). At each junction and turning along the route there is a way marker with an arrow indicating the direction of your next node. The network has signs in both directions, so it’s easy to piece together your own route. What could be better? Check out our tips about the hiking trails with the highlights in that particular area. 

Hiking in Schouwen-Duiveland, Noord-Beveland or Tholen


Trail network along the shoreline. The northernmost island in Zeeland, Schouwen-Duiveland, has hiking trails aplenty. Its landscapes offer walkers a rich combination of sea, sand and inland ways.


Hiking trails on the ‘Endless Isle’. Hiking in Noord-Beveland means seeing nature at its very best. With around 150 kilometres of hiking trails, the options are pretty much endless: discover salt marshes, mudflats, colourful kerbsides and charming villages.


Hiking trails on the island of Tholen. The island of Tholen has some wonderful scenery and its tranquillity can be overpowering. You can best discover its hidden charms on foot. The trail network will help you discover beautiful villages and nature reserves. 

Hiking in Walcheren or in Zuid-Beveland - Goes - Kapelle


Hiking trails in Walcheren: dykes, dunes and watercourses. The hiking trails on the Walcheren peninsula run along dykes, over dunes, through nature reserves and along watercourses. You can even call in at the farm shop to do your shopping along the way!

Zuid-Beveland - Goes-Kapelle

Hiking trails in ‘Hart van Zeeland’. The hiking network around Goes & Kapelle takes in a mix of old and new polders with fantastic view across the Oosterschelde and Westerschelde rivers. Known as the ‘heart of Zeeland’, the countryside offers rich pickings for walkers. 

Hiking in Zuid-Beveland or Zeeuws-Vlaanderen


Hiking trails in the ‘Zak’. The very south of Zuid-Beveland is known as the ‘Zak’ and it offers some great walking options. On the trail you will discover a diversity of landscapes all created by the centuries-long struggle against the water. The Zak is a region with small polders, salt marshes and countless dykes along which to stroll.


Border-free hiking in West Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Old polders, endless beaches and cross-border trails can be found in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Just pull on your hiking boots and get out there!

Hiking trails along Water Defences and Creeks. In the eastern part of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, you can discover the nature reserve of  ‘t Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe (or ‘drowned land of Saeftinghe’). What you can also find here are ancient forts and water defences dating back to the Eighty Years War three centuries ago: they marked the front line between Spanish and Dutch forces, known as the State-Spanish Defence Lines.